The Benefits of Using a Realtor

Selling your own home may sound lucrative, but have you considered what the benefits of using a realtor really are? A listing agent works to market and sell your home with the following benefits:

  • Correctly pricing your home to avoid undercuts or delays in attracting buyers
  • Gaining as much exposure for your home as possible with the MLS
  • With experience and knowledge, they help you navigate the transaction
  • A realtor is educated about the legal procedures — disclosures, inspections, contracts, re-negotiations, Title Companies, etc.
  • They only get a commission if your home sells
  • Avoid unqualified buyers
  • Avoid surprises

Your home is one of your largest assets, and your realtor will make a thorough assessment to ensure you maximize your profits. The better understanding of the market and neighborhood dynamics, the less worry over pricing strategies. This is why Stellar Management provides a comparative market analysis of your home – better pricing strategies lead to better negotiations, higher prices and faster home sales.

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Stellar Realty’s Comparative Market Analysis

Simply put, a comparative market analysis, or CMA, is the tool that determines the value of a every home. Prices can be further refined by days on the market, property condition, lot size, number of bedrooms, square footage and any other relevant features. We can also explore expired listings and determine why some comparable houses did not sell, or how many times they were reduced before finally receiving an offer. Combined with current market trends, all this information helps inform pricing decisions and allows us to position your house in the perfect spot for maximum value and quick sale.

If you need to sell your home quickly, Stellar Realty has a Cash Offer Program – sell your house as-is, without fees, commissions or showings. Contact us today for the fastest sale possible.


Frequently Asked Questions

There’s no simple answer to this question. Real estate, like other industries, fluctuates based on several factors, including supply and demand, seasonality, and geography, just to name a few. Working with an experienced real estate professional will allow you to plan accordingly to get the most value for your property.
The real estate market has a supply and demand dilemma. More recently, we have seen the “average number of days on the market” decrease as home prices have increased steadily over the last decade. As interest rates continue to rise we will begin to see an increase in the supply of homes, which will help to level out the market.
There are several important steps to take before listing your home for sale. Some common steps we ask sellers to take include tidying, painting/repairing any unseemly areas of the home, collecting any documents such as roof repair or appliance purchase receipts, certificates of compliance, and potentially staging your space. A seasoned realtor will be able to assess and direct your action upon an initial walkthrough of your home, and advise where your dollars are best spent in order to get the greatest return from your sale.
When listing your home, it is important to disclose anything you know about your home to potential buyers. Disclosing any defects in your roof, appliances, or home in general will give your buyers a better understanding of what they would be moving into. Repairing any issues with your home will allow your disclosures to be minimal and cast a positive light on your property.
This question can only be answered by performing a Competitive Market Analysis, which an experienced realtor will be able to assist you with. This analysis looks at factors such as square footage, number of bedrooms and bathroom, updates you have done and location, to name a few.
Sometimes a seller can accept an offer with the contingency that the closing date will not be established until the seller has a new place to move. It is best to have a plan of action before listing your home for sale in case an offer comes quickly that requires haste on the part of the seller.
Maybe take this out? All commissions are negotiable, but Stellar Realty requires 2.7% to be paid to the buyers agent on any commission.

Commissions are negotiated with the seller of the home. The listing agent negotiates a fee that they will charge the seller for the services that they provide. From that negotiated percentage, a portion of the commission gets paid to the buyer’s Real Estate Agent for bringing a buyer to the table.

Seller concessions, or more commonly known as seller paid closing costs, are either a set dollar amount or a percent of the sales price that the seller will pay to the buyer at closing to help cover the buyer’s closing costs. Sometimes they are built into the initial offer of the home and other times they are negotiated during the inspection period. When items are found during the inspection period that the buyer would prefer to fix on their own after closing they can negotiate seller concessions to help alleviate the cost of said repair items.
If the home buyer is receiving funding from a bank, the bank will do an appraisal of the property and provide a dollar amount for bank required repairs that must take place for the appraisal to stand. This could include issues such as missing handrails, missing outlet covers, exposed wood from peeling paint or broken windows.
Time to sale can vary greatly between different homes, based on things like home availability in your area, price in comparison to neighboring properties, or need for repairs. Relying on an experienced realtor that understands the supply and demand of your local market will help the homeowner decide on what price to sell your home. In today’s market, homes are priced in order to sell fast and get multiple offers. This means that the houses are often listed below market value in the hopes of getting a bidding war to sell above market value. This is not a blanket approach to all real estate markets. Listening to the advice of your experienced real estate agent will help you with determining which strategy is best for you and your home.
You do not! Stellar Realty uses professional photographers who can capture the beauty of your home and showcase it in a realistic, yet flattering manner.


Have Questions?

Whether you are buying or selling your home, or even considering investing, Stellar Realty is here to help you on your journey. Reach out to us with any or all your questions and we will help you find the answer best suited for you.

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