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How the Cash Offer Program Works

To sell your home with the speed and convenience, Stellar Realty makes the process simple. Whether to have cash in hand, or simply want to avoid the hassle of real estate agents, listings and showings, we will use open dialogue and transparency in our decision-making so you can rest assured you will understand how we arrived at our cash offer price. The benefits to the Cash Offer Program are:

1 –

Sell Your Home As-Is: no new investments or repairs required on your part.

2 –

Same Day Cash Offer: in many cases, we can complete our research and bring you the offer within hours.

3 –

No Realtors: no hidden fees, no commissions and no showings.

4 –

Fast & Flexible Closing Dates: giving you time to plan your move. Two weeks or 2 months, we are here to work with you at your pace.

5 –

Free Market Analysis/Home Valuation: you can see the market price vs. the cash offer price and make an informed decision.

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We are committed to transparency – if we do not think the cash offer program is the best option for you, we can help you sell your home through our realtor services with as little stress as possible.

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